January 14, 2021
“Backcountry skiing, splitboarding, and other forms of human-powered snowsports are activities which are seeing substantial growth. USDA and Forest Service recreation researchers predict that participation in backcountry skiing (including splitboarding) will increase between 55% and 106% by 2060. In contrast, Snowsports Industries America (the winter outdoor industry's non-profit trade association) data shows that participation in resort skiing has declined steadily over the past decade. With more people than ever exploring the backcountry, it's critically important that we preserve close-to-home, easy-to-access undeveloped terrain.”  

Hilary Eisen, Policy Director
Winter Wildlands Alliance

Teton Canyon is one of most beautiful places to backcountry ski. Magnificent views of the Tetons, Table, Battle Ship, Fossil, Treasure and Bannon Mountains await to be the backdrop for the day. Silence and solitude greet you. The decisions made here are your own. They are made with the knowledge you learn in avalanche courses, studying maps and former experiences in the backcountry. The unpredictability of the mountains sits in the back of your head.

Knowing the inherent risk of this unpredictability humbles you because if something does go wrong it will take hours before help arrives. Teton Canyon is a wild landscape and it will remain that way. Chairlifts, avalanche mitigation and guided skiing will not make this area safer. It takes away the silence, solitude and making your own decisions. It is replaced with bombs, snowmobiles, chairlifts, roads that scar the land, snowcats and people. We lose access to our public land.